Asphalt Paving in Tucson AZ

Call the Asphalt Contractors that Tucson, AZ Trusts!


Reliability. Durability. Weather resistance. These are just a few compelling reasons for choosing Pro Trenching. Because city life means heavy traffic, you want your pavement to withstand all wear and tear, from foot traffic to heavy trucks. Pro Trenching is the answer.

When you’re a home owner, property manager or business owner, cost-effective paving options matter-but only if the product will stand up to the harsh Arizona summers! At Pro Trenching, we always tailor our asphalt / paving installations to your precise specifications for a results that endures. We design your project according to your usage patterns, areas of concern, or pavement goals; we’ll install the right paving option for you.

Here are more reasons to call us for all your paving needs:

  • Emergency Service Available
  • For new construction, we’ll take care of everything prior to paving.
  • Sewer Repair
  • We also repair and maintain existing pavement
  • You can order a variety of pavement accessories to customize your build.
  • We showcase our creativity and innovation on every project we complete.
  • We’ll meet-and exceed-your expectations. Our team completes each project safely, efficiently and professionally.

We Specialize in:

Driveways –

  • Complete grading and build of asphalt driveways parking
  • Repair, patching and or seal coating of existing drives and parking


Grading –

  • New construction house pads
  • Landscaping, drainage and roadways

Trenching –

  • Trenching for sewer and water
  • New install , repair or modification


Utilities –

  • Emergency Service Available
  • Sewer Repair
  • Trenching for all utilities
  • New install, repair or modification

Rely on Pro Trenching for New Installations, Pavement Preservation, and More!


We understand that it’s one thing to patch a parking lot or driveway, but it’s quite another to build a new paved area where none existed before. We do it all. Need a new installation? Let us design the details for you. Get a free estimate to get started.


If you need a better plan to preserve your existing pavement, call us at 520-690-9833 to have your lot or roadway assessed. We’ll tailor our estimates to your needs and budget.